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Legal Advice, Legal Representation


“Your rights, your choice your future”


“Your rights, your choice your future”


“Your rights, your choice your future”

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FIRST RIGHTS SERVICES Ltd is a Rwanda-based company registered with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), which performs various functions related to legal and other professional activities, science and technology,
It works with other companies as partners, in order to ensure better service delivery and to promote Rwandan ethics.

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Time management is our process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Execution has a meaning depends on its context: In the context of contractual formalities, the way in which a person enters into a document or deed by sealing it, or by signature, thereby giving it legal effect. In the context of dispute resolution, the process for enforcing or giving effect to a judgment of the court. The process is “complete” when the judgment creator gets the money or other thing awarded to him by the judgment.


  • legal advice
  • finalizing or implementing court decisions, administrative decisions and other documents;
  • repayment and repayment of debts under statutory agreements, or documents relating to court decisions relating to documents;
  • notifying all statutory documents;
  • seize the property of the lessee for deduction of payment.
  • seizing and selling at auction for finalization of cases and other documents;
  • take from the clerk of the court or the arbitration committee, copies of cases or conclusions of the arbitrator, copies and parts of the documents contained in the case file at the request of the beneficiary;
  • make all documents relating to payment in the completion of the deed and contractual debts and deliver it to the intended recipients;
  • review and confirm the status of an object or situation based on a court decision, that of the arbitration committee or any other interested party;
  • eviction of persons when ordered by the court and after the auction;
  • on business capture,
  • auctioning of movable and immovable property at the request of an individual;
  • seize the property or property of the lessee
  • seize the property of the payee in the hands of another person,
  • to perform other duties prescribed by law.


  • Consultation and legal advice
  • Notification of a claim and submissions of parties
  • Notification of a judgment rendered in absentia
  • Notification of a writ for provisional or final seizure by garnishment,
  • Notification of the court order to pay
  • To execute judicial decisions, decisions of competent administrative organs as well as other enforcement orders;
  • To carry out the recovery of the debts relating to contractual or legal obligations, or which draw their origin with a rendered judgment bearing an enforcement formula;
  • Proceed to the service of documents prescribed by the law when requested in accordance with the law by any interested person
  • ;


  • Authentication of deeds
  • Authentication of signatures
  • Certification of document authenticity;
  • Certification of the conformity of a copy to the original
  • Issuance of copies of deeds they draw up;
  • Certification of wills involving movable property and that of acts that nullify them drawn up by testators
  • Certification and authentication of complex deeds related to movable and immovable property
  • Issuance of other notarial deeds provided for by law.


First Rights Services Ltd provides services of debt loan collection to banks, microfinance, non-banking and other financial institutions in Rwanda with the highest ethics and in compliance with legal norms and codes of conduct, as required by law. This department provides different services in the following:

  • Debt loan cash recovery
  • Debt loan dispute resolution
  • Debt loan counseling
  • Training on non-performing loans management
  • Legal consultancy of handling bad loans


We assist people to access to justice through the IECMS. Rwanda's IECMS is a unifying platform that connects all institutions belonging to the Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector. The system automates judicial processes and provides each institution with a customized interface for performing its functions. Integrated Electronic Case Management System (IECMS) Rwanda IECMS (Integrated Electronic Case Management System) is an Electronic case management System integrating 5 institutions of the justice sector in Rwanda:

  • Judiciary
  • Ministry of Justice
  • National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA)
  • Criminal Investigation Department (Police)
  • The Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS)).